Friday, May 28, 2010

Ehhh Sudah Tukar Ka???

to new comers, WELCOME to my blog!..rajin2 la singgah selalu ye..=) place an order just email me @ ... insyaallah saya akan reply secepat mungkin..

anyway kalau sesiapa yg perasan saya ada mention dekat my profil yg saya nak buat blog ni an english blog..ahaks..nampaknye terpaksa la membatalkan hajat di hati..huhuhu..terus-terang saya rasa sgttt la payah..saya rasa apa yg nak saya sampaikan kat my lovely readers n customer tak kesampaian..jadi saya ambik keputusan nak tukar jadi bm+english..jadi rojak la ye..asalkan saya rasa apa yg nak saya ckp tu sampai...hhuhhuhu...sbb saya dh biasa menulis blog dlm bahasa jadi tetiba kene tukar jadi english tu satu cabaran yg ammaatttt besar...malas pulak rasanya nak face challenge nih..takpe la bm ke bi ke sama je kan kan kan...

*bersabar menunggu blog saya to be listed dlm CraftZone Malaysia..harap admin CraftZone masukkan saya dlm list =)


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coming Soon

as u may see at the side bar column "Our Service" i've listed some of the PinkLolipops services that we offer to our LOVELY CUSTOMER but most of them are "COMING SOON"...yup insyaallah..still waiting for my "new baby" sewing machine to arrive..hubby promise to buy as a present for our 1st Anniversary..owhhh TQ hubby..can't wait!

sooo Ladies please stay tune....


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beads Emboidery~~RM28 ONLY!!!! (T&D apply)

these are some of the example of my beads embroidery for my customer..u may choose any design from below or just sit back & relaxs n i will sew base on my creativity =D

Term & Conditions
  • only for the 1st 5 customer who email me @
  • limited to only 1 design per customer
  • beads embroidery for Hands and Neck ONLY
  • priority will be given to PAID customer only
  • please add RM6 (semenanjung) / rm9 (sabah sarawak) for poslaju (FREE cod only to stated places)
  • offer valid till 16th July 2010 only
  • extra charges will be charge for extra design

*as u may see some of my picture has "aleisah" watermark on it..FYI its has been a re-branding from Al-Eisah to PinkLolipops..sounds more chicky n cute kan?? **nhgeeeee =D***



i dunno when i started to love sewing..the hobbies came before i got married (which is 7month ago)..believe me if i say ; i dont even know how to sew before but skills can be polished from time to time..i still remember when i was still in college where i use to ask my mom to sew my shirt button bcoz i dont even knew how to hold a needle (now of course la dah pandai hoccay =D)...

since i still consider as a beginner, i will start with a simple project 1st..and a VERY SPECIAL price will be given to my 1st 5 customer who contact me for beads emboridery only..especially for Baju Kurung, Baju Kebaya, Jubah & all kind of baju as u wish..Raya is just around the corner so u might want to look beautifull especially infront of ur LOVE one right??

hurry seats only for my lovely 5 special customer (term&conditions apply) me at